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Make money creating autoblogs for your clients

Generating ai article bundles and sell

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Automatic featured images and youtube videos to all posts.

The bundle includes one click setup plugin with preconfigured settings to create bulk articles in thousands, amazon affiliate articles including your own affiliate links. Auto insert youtube videos, auto set featured images from pexels, wikipedia, pixabay, tables, columns, colors etc.


What is Ai autoblogging?

Ai autoblogging is the technique used to automatacally generate complete long-form 2000 to 5000 words AI-Powered Contents which are high-quality, comprehensive, and readable for your blog or website. You will be able to use Open Ai API key to generate up to 1000 articles for less than $20. One million tokens (400,000 to 700,000 words) is about $18 using GPT3.5. Try comparing those numbers to other AI writer solutions that bundle everything together! It’s crazy!

What type of articles can you generate ?

Informational Articles

Amazon product reviews

PAA posts


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Automatic featured images

Auto embeded youtube videos

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No more monthly payments

With your own API key

Automatic featured images

Automatic youtube videos

Unlimited words

Unlimited articles

No monthly limits

Editable prompts

Add unlimted templates

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How the installation kit works


Download the kit included in lesson 3 of the video course .


Install the settings. It only takes 2min to set it up.


Paste your keywords and topics. generate or Schedule/publish

The average cost of 1,000 ai article in the market is $1,000 but you will generate it for free using open ai pricing of $0.002/token. Rather than paying $1000   you pay roughly $0 by setting up your own with our ai installation kit.

Can i monetize the articles? Yes! Absolutely!

Stop guessing what is working.

Start creating income generating Ai articles in bulk!

Profitable amazon niche contents that really earn $$$ from week !

What you will learn and download in the Autoblogging Video training

Lesson 1

Watch this lesson Completely free 

Play Video

Lesson 2

Generating long form articles

Play Video

Lesson 3

Download and install our DIY kit

Play Video

Lesson 4

Amazon product articles

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Your own API key

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Do it yourself with our simplified process. After watching the taking video training, you will be able to download our installation kit on your website generate generate your own.

Informational Articles

Effortless long-form informational blog article generation. Generate between 3000 – 6000 words

Amazon product reviews

Profitable amazon affiliate websites with Professional Content Formatting and affiliate links.

PAA posts

Create your own PAA blog with Auto-embeded YouTube videos, featured images, and more.

We attempted to write the same topic twice and see the difference, Here is the result Result 1 . vs  Result 2 . In the end both contents were too good that it was tough to choose which was best so we just leave it to you.

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Frequently asked questions

How many articles can i generate and how many words per month

You can generate unlimited articles with your own API key and there are no words restrictions.

Get your open AI API key here

How can I buy the autoblogger bundle

Simply buy using any of the checkout button. You will be able to access both the course and installation kit after payment

Can I use my own open AI API key?

Yes you need an open ai API key togenerate content.

Get it here for free


Are there any other monthly payment?

No this is a one time setup. No payment is required

Yes ai will included and set featured images for you, including youtube videos searched with your keyword.

How can i install the setup on my blog?

Simply watch the video training to learn how to set it up on your blog.

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